Wednesday, 8 December 2010


The rights?

You killed it in the fights

Oh! There was no fight?

Yea, You simply smashed us with your might

The child sucking at a breast

Had his soul laid to rest

Milk all he sought

A bullet was what he got

But forget the rhymes

Of red that kills our total green. Punish the crime

Of the elephants and cattle trampling on us

Destroy this flowing evil at its source

Then, one remembers the rot of the total Force.

Protectors? May we never live in that Jos

We shall rise never to fall

And once more be the peace, AMEN, of all.

NOTE: This poem won the third position in Beautiful Lines Competition 2010

Saturday, 28 August 2010

ONE MAN (A poem)

There were never two men

To claim my prize

One man…

The man came in drunk and raped his own twin sister

The half and half

Bringing one full

One leaves that the others should live…

Here comes the Sentinel...

Yeah, the Sentinel is out with Issue 3 and I'm shocked to see that I have some poems and a tale there... just the same old me with my writings.
I have decided to do some adjustments so it seems my tales are gonna be coming up somewhat different...
Well, let's not bore you... just check the site out

Very soon, I hope to start featuring some short stories of some cool writers too - watch out...
Yeah, and the next time you check, you would see a tale and better poem here too- my word.
Please, drop a comment and whatever you do, take care and do be good, S'

Monday, 2 August 2010


Hey Dad, how are you doing?

It’s been a while. Yeah, u ngu nena? Gabriel, your first son, still struggles to maintain your name and make you proud. It isn’t easy but c’mon, this is life. Theo, can you imagine? I remember only yesterday when you asked her in great shock: I heard you have a boyfriend (?) She has the guts to think of marriage! But she does not defy you because you are no longer around to say something... she is in her late twenties! Time flies, doesn’t it? Ten years, and counting!

I am through with University and finishing my service. I have big hopes of becoming great, like you, or greater. Well, we – the three of us, do. We are all in different fields and struggle differently trying to be the best hat we can be. We are unified by your name though, your blood and a missing of you. We hope you are well wherever you are.

I wouldn’t lie to you. I hardly knew you but we had some fun, you telling me stories by moonlight and all. The laughs, advices and everything. Thanks for teaching me the rosary too and helping me to pray. I talk to God easier now, and it really helps. Do you believe that I miss you? Yeah, I do. Most of the times, when I see people of all ages with their dads, giving the sage advice, talking or just doing stuff... I remember. I have tried to adopt and adapt but there is the occasional “Whose child?” that leaves each foster calling you and reminding me I am yours. They go to theirs in smiles, me in tears, just remembering. So much to ask, so much wishes but just the small memories I struggle to save.

I hear you ask after Ma. Yeah, she is still around and as beautiful, maybe more beautiful than then. But she struggles and gets several wrinkles in search of a bite for us all, and our cousins, their parents who have joined you since. We pray to grow soon and take over... She really is the best and I now know why you always appreciated and said we should appreciate her.

So much to say and yet, so little space: the world wouldn’t be enough to fill the void and words. Hmm, well, I guess to let you be till I write again on your next birthday. Meanwhile, greet all our Grannies, Anty Pat, all our loved ones, Dr. Ijir (yeah, he joined on your ninth). He is my friend’s dad. Her name is Aver and I have adopted her as my younger sister. She wants to be a Doctor too. I know you would smile at her. And it isn’t what you think – I am still babeless. Shhh! Sorry, I forgot you were Dad. There are fine friends... Ogo Ugbor is here and she is another fine lady who colours my every day – a sister. She is helping me get a lady. We are thinking of a fine lady called Femi! Ha!! Got ya! Keep guessing or looking at me from there if you can. But let me call Titi, Felicity - I know you would be asking, why the long cast of dames. J Hee hee hee... you know me now...trying to be like you! In a good way, of course. Sha...but, like I said, till we speak next.

Gabriel and Theodora send their greetings. Ver, Chinedu, Schola, Aver, Samson and all the rest too. They are probably writing or thinking their messages now. Whatever it is, thank you very much for the time we spent. You the best, T.V (mind I call you that?) and I still have only one grudge – that I might inherit your bald head! Lu dedoo.

- Su’eddie 24th July, 2010

Monday, 19 July 2010

A simple poem

For the Tivs, life is tar
Us most, its like its a mixture dark as tar

Sometimes, days come blue
I get to rue...

Then remember
Its simply life. S'

May God bless us always and help us. We had a serious crises in Wukari here some days back. It was horrible and lives were lost (google it...) Personally, was kicked out of a competition I had big hopes for. In addition to several other things, I am trying to remain focused. I have got lots on my mind to deliver... and I am not going down till it all goes out.
Bless you all the way, S'

Saturday, 3 July 2010

MUM, my new work and stuff

I was talking to my mum as she waited to board a plane to Lagos. We were both excited as we hadn't done so in a long while. My foster father called to quarrel her for booking online and all. She called me to relay the words and we laughed it off... It was fun. She sent me an sms soon as she boarded the plane which had been delayed a few hours. She said she would call soon as she arrived Lagos. See me thinking it would take an hour, two or more.
She called me minutes later - na wa o! I was thrilled and in the end, decided to complete work on a tale I was writing based on our family. It isn't easy... but congratulate me people - I wrote my first short story of over 5000 meaningful and straight words! I am thinking of extending the story too. Someday I would share it with the world. Guess I would send it to NY Times... :)
Please, keep in touch with my blog and make my day. Drop your comments as usual and in all you do, remember to make life worth it. After all, we only live once, why shouldn't we have fun!

P.S: I just discovered my author picture for the upcoming poetry collection. Still have no cover. Someone please come to my aid. Mch lv, S'

Thursday, 1 July 2010

This is my first blog for the sentinel and I don't know what to say... hmm. Well, I am trying to do a lot in my career and even at this stage, I'm thinking of setting a competition for the 'little' ones.
It doesn't take people with ten heads to do anything. It takes a simple you, (or) (and) me.
It is my hope that we get to keep this space and allow us to continue enjoying our gist, together. Meanwhile, you can also see me and my writings on and on Facebook...
Okay, I'm a writer and so, I end this with a piece of mine. The poem is titled 'I spoke with a rat today' and is taken from my upcoming Collection: Second Collection: Shrine Tale.


I spoke with a rat today

A MIGHTY big one

Whiskers and a straight poking mouth

It spoke after my first stone touched it

“Make our conditions better

And U’ll be glad later”

Declared He

An upturned sickle forms in my head

Puzzled at

The great mass of fur

Who turns out a poetic militant?!!

Forcing a sickly perspiration

Now, inspiration, as he goes on

“You don’t dare kill me

Have you not done enough…?

We try to fight for a simple bite

In this our territory”

I look at him again, with fear, size and smart

But he is one

So I carry another stone

Then the light goes out

And suddenly, more red eyes appear!

24th July, 2009

Thanks for reading. You're the best! S'