Saturday, 3 July 2010

MUM, my new work and stuff

I was talking to my mum as she waited to board a plane to Lagos. We were both excited as we hadn't done so in a long while. My foster father called to quarrel her for booking online and all. She called me to relay the words and we laughed it off... It was fun. She sent me an sms soon as she boarded the plane which had been delayed a few hours. She said she would call soon as she arrived Lagos. See me thinking it would take an hour, two or more.
She called me minutes later - na wa o! I was thrilled and in the end, decided to complete work on a tale I was writing based on our family. It isn't easy... but congratulate me people - I wrote my first short story of over 5000 meaningful and straight words! I am thinking of extending the story too. Someday I would share it with the world. Guess I would send it to NY Times... :)
Please, keep in touch with my blog and make my day. Drop your comments as usual and in all you do, remember to make life worth it. After all, we only live once, why shouldn't we have fun!

P.S: I just discovered my author picture for the upcoming poetry collection. Still have no cover. Someone please come to my aid. Mch lv, S'

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