Thursday, 1 July 2010

This is my first blog for the sentinel and I don't know what to say... hmm. Well, I am trying to do a lot in my career and even at this stage, I'm thinking of setting a competition for the 'little' ones.
It doesn't take people with ten heads to do anything. It takes a simple you, (or) (and) me.
It is my hope that we get to keep this space and allow us to continue enjoying our gist, together. Meanwhile, you can also see me and my writings on and on Facebook...
Okay, I'm a writer and so, I end this with a piece of mine. The poem is titled 'I spoke with a rat today' and is taken from my upcoming Collection: Second Collection: Shrine Tale.


I spoke with a rat today

A MIGHTY big one

Whiskers and a straight poking mouth

It spoke after my first stone touched it

“Make our conditions better

And U’ll be glad later”

Declared He

An upturned sickle forms in my head

Puzzled at

The great mass of fur

Who turns out a poetic militant?!!

Forcing a sickly perspiration

Now, inspiration, as he goes on

“You don’t dare kill me

Have you not done enough…?

We try to fight for a simple bite

In this our territory”

I look at him again, with fear, size and smart

But he is one

So I carry another stone

Then the light goes out

And suddenly, more red eyes appear!

24th July, 2009

Thanks for reading. You're the best! S'


  1. hehehe...i wouldn't want to be u in that room of red eyes. Nice piece, man!

    Zin Zino

  2. You should have just listened to the rat, now what would you do in a dark room filled with red eyes.... Nice imagery, really nice, i love it

  3. Ha! Don't mind the persona o! We have told them a lot of times but they just wont listen... Thanks for the compliment...

  4. I know why the poem ended at that point! I'm glad no rat took up the pen to describe what happened next. :)