Saturday, 28 August 2010

Here comes the Sentinel...

Yeah, the Sentinel is out with Issue 3 and I'm shocked to see that I have some poems and a tale there... just the same old me with my writings.
I have decided to do some adjustments so it seems my tales are gonna be coming up somewhat different...
Well, let's not bore you... just check the site out

Very soon, I hope to start featuring some short stories of some cool writers too - watch out...
Yeah, and the next time you check, you would see a tale and better poem here too- my word.
Please, drop a comment and whatever you do, take care and do be good, S'


  1. Hi Su'eddie
    Good work. But you do realise you linked to Emmanuel Iduma's page not yours.

  2. What?!!! Well, it is all about helping us all!
    Thanks for the info - never would have guessed. I sent a mail to the UK Sentinel too. I really can't remember what I sent but really hope that it was worth your reading and hopefully, posting. :) dalu o!