Tuesday, 8 March 2011

God bless the broken road that led me straight to you (short story)

“God bless the broken road that led me straight to you”

He heard the song playing in the movie. He smiled. Rascal Flatts was his favourite band. Then his message tone sang. He took the earphones off and rushed to his phone, his heart pumping. He hoped...

That morning Teba woke up and headed straight for mass. He offered mass for two families– his and that of Slinda.

He checked her and found her fidgeting. She had been made the President of her Women Association. He had been in the business long and tried his best at correcting her. She doubted her ability and questioned every single thing. He smiled her worries away as he got a call for breakfast from a Priest friend.

“I would be there, but not for long.”

“You must stay to the end oh!”

She got in and got something – that he was to market for her.

He smiled again at her oversized pyjama shorts...

He thought of what to add to the tale. The words failed and he knew he had to come out with the truth. Yes, I had to tell it the way it was.

I smiled at Slinda and took a bike to breakfast. It turned out to be a bit longer. I did the marketing but did not get much feedback. I dashed to my apartment and changed into my official uniform. Ran to the venue of the meeting and got a back seat. I watched as the meeting proceeded. It was the first time she headed the, any meeting.

Soon after, I smiled at her and we laughed away the near perfect meeting. I believed in her and was really proud. We took a long walk, talking.

I had to travel which I did. Long wait, bumpy roads and all. Maniac bus in Makurdi.

I sent her a text. She replied saying she had to send to do a write up. I immediately felt like teleporting myself back to where she was. Smiled and put the phone on charge. I clicked on Hannah Montana, the Movie and started watching it. As it moved on, the story spoke to me. I thought of all the publicity that would come my way and how I would handle it. Rascal Flatts sang ‘God bless the broken road that led me straight to you.’ My mind went to the meeting – our first meeting, events and all...

Then, I heard my message tone. I rushed in the hope that it would be her. My excitement was strong. It was simply a message from my service provider: MTN.

Something told me I was in... It was my first experience. I rushed to write it down. I carried my phone to call. It was 0221 hrs. No need to wake Sleeping Beauty. There was always tomorrow. My mind, was made.

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